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Daring Baker's Challenge - Baklava!

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One more DB Challenge! I'm afraid I'll not be able to join DB over the next two months. Because, like I told last post I'm going to travel to study patisserie and in the place students will stay there isn't a complete kitchen, just a small one with refrigerator and microwave, for fast meals... Certainly I'll miss a lot the challenges!!!  
This month Daring Baker's challenged us to make Baklava. Like Erica, from Erica's Edibles  explaned, it is a "a sweet rich pastry made with layers of phyllo dough and nuts sweetened with simple syrup. Baklava is widely knows as a Greek dessert, but it’s origin has really never been pinpointed as many Middle Eastern countries also name it as their own".
And we had to make phyllo dough from the scratch! I had never made it, and it wasn't that dificult! I think this was the best part of the recipe! To learn how to make phyllo dough!
The filling is delicious, made with nuts, sugar and cinnamon! Just the syrup had too much honey for my taste, next time I'll make it with less or without honey!
But certainly it worths a lot, mostly because of the phyllo dough!

The recipe you can find here.

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Gloria disse...

look absolutely nice!! gloria

Ms.Chitchat disse...

Awesome, looks very tempting, u made me crave for some now :):)

Please Do Not Feed The Animals. disse...

Your circles are so pretty. And I guess the chef got to eat all the scrappy bits from round the circles? ;-)

speedvery professional disse...

thx you เก็นติ้งคาสิโน