Daring Bakers' Challenge - PIECE MONTÉE (Croquembouche)

Today is the 27th Day of the month, day to post the Daring Bakers’s Challenge!
This month we were challenged to bake "PIECE MONTÉE" best known as Croquembouche by Little Miss Cupcakes, the blogger that bake the original American cupcakes in Paris.
The Croquembuche is a high pyramid made of profiteroles (cream-filled puff pastries) and dipped in caramel sauce!
Since I learnd this recipe in my pastry classes, this was the perfect opportunity to practice.
About my experience, I think I could let my caramel sauce a little bit darker, but I think it didn’t change the flavor.
The rule was to use the host’s batter, but we were free to flavor our cream, so I used half vanilla and the other half I flavored with Nutella.
The recipe you can find here
And to see my pictures please go to main page.
Thank you!

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