The Daring Baker's Challenge - Ice Cream Petit Fours!

I guess I’m beginning to measure time by Daring Baker’s Challenge! It’s crazy to think about that, but the time passes so quick and when I realize I’m making a new recipe from DB!
And it’s nice, because some people say that to make your time remarkable, to really live, we have to do different things, commemorate important dates, etc. I do that in a certain way, cause I love to celebrate my birthday, each year with another theme, that makes one different from the other and mark the life in a wonderful way!
So, to make life more interesting, nothing better than learn something different and a new recipe is always a challenge!
I’m loving to pass the time and counting it by DB Challenges!
About the August-2010 DB Challenge:
I choose the Ice Cream Petit Four, and I loved it!
It’ perfect to the summer time. We are in the winter here in Brazil, but the last days were sunny and warm, so it was perfect!
The recipe you find here.
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