domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

News from France!


In the last few weeks the time really flew! I travelled a lot, had a lot of fun and learned so much! But I didn’t have time to post the news here! Sorry!

Today I’m posting the pictures of the last trips!

Two weeks ago me and my friends travelled to Switzerland. We stayed at Fere’s house. Fere is an amazing person!!! I thank so much for having her as a friend and being part of my story! :D

I loved the Switzerland, the lake is gorgeous and the cities are amazing! The chocolate is wonderful!!! We stayed at Lausanne and visited Geneva and Gruyere.

Last weekend we went to Marseille! We stayed at Joe’s house, our French friend, very sweet, fun and beautifull girl! I have to thank a lot for having her as a part of my life too!

Well, speaking about amazing people, that I really have to thank for being a part of my story, are Ruth and Tais, my Brazilian friends! Unforgettable!

Back to Marseille, it was an awesome trip, we had a lot of fun together, knew beautiful places and had really nice food!

Talking about fun, we had a lot here in Yssingeaux too! Last Thursday we went to a fancy restaurant with the classmates and the chef! Delicious food! :D

And on Friday we went to the last official party, at the Bowling, a hippie party!!!

We learned how to tie die our t-shirts, and me and Tais went as hippie twins! We had a great time! Unforgettable night! :D

Yesterday we traveled to saint Ethiene, our last trip togheter… I’ll miss my friends so much!

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Gloria disse...

Love these pictures, look awesome! gloria

Ms.Chitchat disse...

Awesome pics,loved it.

Erin disse...

WOW! What an amazing vacation! Beautiful pictures!!!

Kalyan disse...

Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!