domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

Chocolate Mousse

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Welcome to 2011!!! Here we are, beginning a new and wonderful year, full of hope!

2010 was a great year!

I began to blog; celebrated Alice in Wonderland theme birthday party; made a yoga retreat; knew amazing people; had amazing moments with friends; attended pastry at Chef course, and just love it! Temporarily had 12 cats! Adopted 2 cats, took care of 5 kitties and found new families for them; return to therapy; gained 10 pounds, lost 5; begun a healthy diet; traveled with my boyfriend; had dinner at a fancy restaurant; ate vegan hot dog on street; had my name sewed on a friend’s Wedding dress; danced; cried; had fun; worried; worked late at night; listened a lot; comforted; grew up; turned myself a better person!

And I’m full of plans for 2011!!!

I hope 2011 become as sweet as chocolate mousse!


180g milk chocolate chips
180g dark chocolate chips
400g heavy cream
5 eggs (separated)
3 Ts sugar

How to:

Mix egg yolks and heavy cream.
Melt the chocolate on microwave and add to cream mixture.
Beat the egg whites until firm snow peaks with the sugar.
Add the egg whites carefully to chocolate/yolks/cream mixture.
Serve with cherries on top.

5 comentários:

Erin disse...

This looks absolutely heavenly! I hope you have a wonderful 2011. It sounds like 2010 was pretty good to you!

Mimi disse...

Happy New Year!
If your 2011 is anything like your 2010, your year will be filled with fun and adventure. Your mousse look delicious and decadent. A great way to step into the new year.

Manu disse...

Thank you Erin and Mimi!
Happy 2011 for you!!!

Erin disse...

Hello! I made Brigadeiro this weekend and it is wonderful! I will post it this week with pictures. Thank you , thank you, thank you. Now I will try to make kibe and coxinha next =o)

Manu disse...

This is so nice Erin!!! I'm very curious about your post! :D